Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Jew Hatred on the Rise?

Someone asked:

I am a Christian. I am alarmed by the anti-Semitism we are seeing worldwide. I do wonder:

1. Is Jew-hatred on the rise?
2. Is Jew-hatred the same as it has always been, but is now bolder?
3. Or, am I simply more aware of it because I have better access to the truth, as provided by this and other websites?


It is my humble opinion, that all are correct, but mainly it is number three – awareness.


There was a brief period of time when Israel was looked upon as a beleaguered nation and Jews in the USA and elsewhere had a sense of belonging to something bigger than just their own individual countries and concerns.

Then, in 1967, Israel definitively defeated its enemies.

History was astounded.

Jews were not "supposed" to win. The wars in 1948 and 1956 were "anomalies." Luck. The UN. The Cold War. Stupid Arabs. Any excuse other than the fact that the Jews won.

There was no escaping the overwhelming Israeli victory in 1967.

And... That was unforgivable. There has been a zeitgeist for over 2,000 years that Jews were weak and malleable while, at the same time, Jews were an "evil," despised race of people. This was The Cultural Paradigm of the Western and Arab Worlds

If Jews are now, in reality, strong and powerful, then 2,000 years worth of History was wrong.

This apparent dichotomy has made the World's... "heads explode."


And, at the same time all this was happening, many Jews began to give up identifying with the religion of Judaism and began identifying with a new religion of Liberalism and Leftism.

Their "Mother the Earth" replaced G-d, their Father.

Just as the Haskalah (Reform movement in Judaism) did three centuries ago, many Jews in the world have now begun to wholeheartedly support those that have always hated them the worst and are trying to become One with the Arabs and the Leftists.

And, just as it happened in Germany and Europe when Jews began to try and assimilate into those cultures, this has further enraged the Jew hating Left; the Arabs; and the Islamists...


So, in other words - no, this is nothing new. There was a brief period, after the Holocaust, when it was considered impolite and impolitic to discuss obliterating Israel and the Jews in the Western World.

With the above, and the rise of the Islamists, that brief hiatus has been over for quite some time.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Counting Coup

(Throughout history, warriors have proven their bravery in battle by placing themselves at a disadvantage when fighting their enemy.

They would fight in battle unarmed or engage in single combat with their enemy's mightiest warrior.

This type of action to win prestige in battle became known as "counting coup" when it was practiced by the Plains Indians of North America.

Indian warriors proved their bravery by going unarmed into battle and touching an enemy warrior with a coup stick. If they escaped unharmed, they would record their bravery by notching their coup stick. The risk of injury or death was always required to count coup.)


The Muslim and Arab world has been undergoing a Great Arab and Muslim Sectarian Civil War for the last one hundred years.

This War was made manifest with the final Jihad of the Tribe of Saud as they burst forth from the moribund Ottoman Empire and successfully destroyed or dominated all of the other tribes and cities of the Arabian Peninsula, conquering Mecca and Medina, and thereby establishing their heretic Islamist cult of Wahhabism as the new official religion of Sunni Islam.

This began a world war as each Arab tribe; each nascent Islamic State; each Muslim religious sect; and each secular dictator and warlord, strove to dominate their rivals in increasingly violent military actions; revolutions; terrorist attacks; assassinations; and brutal repressions throughout the Arab and Muslim world.

Still, the world has barely noticed, that over the last one hundred years, hundreds of thousands of Muslims and Arabs have died at the hands of other Muslims and Arabs.

These death cult Islamists and Arabists have not been killing Westerners or Christians or Hindus or even Jews - they have been slaughtering each other in an increasingly horrific competition of inhuman massacres that grow with each passing year.

Israel, America, India, and "the West," are all only notches on the coup sticks of these Death Cultists. It is the group that can cause the most damage to some non-Muslim entity that gets points in this Dominance Game of Death.

The recent Flotilla controversy regarding Israel is simply the official notice that the Islamist government of Turkey has established itself as a Player in this Game of World Dominance.

Turkey has counted coup on Israel. And, not incidentally, Turkey has counted coup on one of its rivals, "secular" Arabist Egypt, which is Israel's partner in the blockade of Gaza.

Turkey has received major dominance points amongst the Islamists and death cultists by actually attacking Israel and having the Useful Idiots of the world, from the UN to the governments of Europe, curse Israel for defending itself against this Turkish attack.

Turkey's coup stick is well notched and be-feathered today.

It was such a major victory for Turkey that Saudi Arabia was forced to reveal their plans regarding how they are going to allow Israel to fly through their airspace "when" Israel attacks Iran. In doing so, Saudi Arabia has counted coup on both the Turkish and Iranian ambitions for Islamist dominance and… has once more counted coup on Israel, the most Prestigious Enemy, by implying that they are "bending" this hated Enemy to the Saudi Arabian Will.

The terror attacks all over the world - the mass murders of Muslims in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq; the brutal repressions of Muslims in Iran, Syria, Turkey, Egypt and all of North Africa; and the exportation of terrorist thugs by Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Indonesia will never stop until the world recognizes these attacks for what they are – a deadly and merciless game where each faction is striving to crush all of its opponents and establish a new Totalitarian Caliphate to rule the world.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tears came to my eyes - not
when the kid first came on the scene, but when it switched to the obviously secular Israelis who were there also...

In the original Texas Rangers television show, the opening sequence starts out with one Texas Ranger and the theme song. He starts walking and another ranger joins him, then another, then another until there is a whole crowd, walking proud and tall -

"They're Ranger's sworn to duty

Their work is never through

They fight and fight for justice

To enforce the law for you."

I am a 13th generation American. Even when I was a stupid long haired doped out hippie freak, I still loved this country.

Our President has now twice cursed the Jews. If he goes for the hat trick, I am seriously, not rhetorically, considering making aliyah - moving to Israel.

I fear for America.

The difference between "them" and "us" is broadcast on this video.

The young man and the other Israelis are simply standing up voicing their, often inarticulate, sometimes fumbling, not very eloquent, Love of Israel.

Those who oppose them are vociferously and often articulately voicing their Hate.

Israel and those that support Israel voice their Love of Israel in defending Israel.

The world and their Flotilla of Hate are voicing their Hatreds in attacking Israel.