Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tears came to my eyes - not
when the kid first came on the scene, but when it switched to the obviously secular Israelis who were there also...

In the original Texas Rangers television show, the opening sequence starts out with one Texas Ranger and the theme song. He starts walking and another ranger joins him, then another, then another until there is a whole crowd, walking proud and tall -

"They're Ranger's sworn to duty

Their work is never through

They fight and fight for justice

To enforce the law for you."

I am a 13th generation American. Even when I was a stupid long haired doped out hippie freak, I still loved this country.

Our President has now twice cursed the Jews. If he goes for the hat trick, I am seriously, not rhetorically, considering making aliyah - moving to Israel.

I fear for America.

The difference between "them" and "us" is broadcast on this video.

The young man and the other Israelis are simply standing up voicing their, often inarticulate, sometimes fumbling, not very eloquent, Love of Israel.

Those who oppose them are vociferously and often articulately voicing their Hate.

Israel and those that support Israel voice their Love of Israel in defending Israel.

The world and their Flotilla of Hate are voicing their Hatreds in attacking Israel.

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