Thursday, June 24, 2010

Is Jew Hatred on the Rise?

Someone asked:

I am a Christian. I am alarmed by the anti-Semitism we are seeing worldwide. I do wonder:

1. Is Jew-hatred on the rise?
2. Is Jew-hatred the same as it has always been, but is now bolder?
3. Or, am I simply more aware of it because I have better access to the truth, as provided by this and other websites?


It is my humble opinion, that all are correct, but mainly it is number three – awareness.


There was a brief period of time when Israel was looked upon as a beleaguered nation and Jews in the USA and elsewhere had a sense of belonging to something bigger than just their own individual countries and concerns.

Then, in 1967, Israel definitively defeated its enemies.

History was astounded.

Jews were not "supposed" to win. The wars in 1948 and 1956 were "anomalies." Luck. The UN. The Cold War. Stupid Arabs. Any excuse other than the fact that the Jews won.

There was no escaping the overwhelming Israeli victory in 1967.

And... That was unforgivable. There has been a zeitgeist for over 2,000 years that Jews were weak and malleable while, at the same time, Jews were an "evil," despised race of people. This was The Cultural Paradigm of the Western and Arab Worlds

If Jews are now, in reality, strong and powerful, then 2,000 years worth of History was wrong.

This apparent dichotomy has made the World's... "heads explode."


And, at the same time all this was happening, many Jews began to give up identifying with the religion of Judaism and began identifying with a new religion of Liberalism and Leftism.

Their "Mother the Earth" replaced G-d, their Father.

Just as the Haskalah (Reform movement in Judaism) did three centuries ago, many Jews in the world have now begun to wholeheartedly support those that have always hated them the worst and are trying to become One with the Arabs and the Leftists.

And, just as it happened in Germany and Europe when Jews began to try and assimilate into those cultures, this has further enraged the Jew hating Left; the Arabs; and the Islamists...


So, in other words - no, this is nothing new. There was a brief period, after the Holocaust, when it was considered impolite and impolitic to discuss obliterating Israel and the Jews in the Western World.

With the above, and the rise of the Islamists, that brief hiatus has been over for quite some time.


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